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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday Snapshot - Various Texas flood shots and my precious grandboy!

My husband and I went adventuring today, checking out the local rivers after our deluge of rain recently. 

Our part of North Texas has been in a severe drought for the past five years, and this past couple of weeks - and month - we've had over 13 inches of rain and our lakes and rivers are filling up nicely! 

This is the Red River rolling out of it's banks.  This river is the border between Texas and Oklahoma and is usually just a trickle of a river.  The experts say that it will rise a little higher after the weekend!

We've been praying for rain here for years!  Thank you Lord for your abundance of blessings! 

And no Saturday Snapshot would be complete with a shot of my precious grandson, Oliver!  He is almost six months old and is growing like a weed!  Love this little man - he is the joy of our lives!!

Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Memorial Day!

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Sandra Nachlinger said...

Although I don't live in Texas now, I was born and raised in the Dallas area and still keep in touch with many friends in the area. All of them have been talking about rain, rain, rain! Thanks for sharing your pictures of the deluge. Thanks, too, for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

Mary (Bookfan) said...

I'm so glad the rain has filled the rivers and lakes. What a blessing. And speaking of blessing, Oliver is adorable!

Sue Jackson said...

Wow, we've been hearing about the flooding on the news. My father-in-law recently moved here from Oklahoma so we've been watching the weather reports out there closely.

Your grandson is adorable!


Book By Book

Paulita said...

Sharon, I heard about the flooding in north Texas, and I'm so happy to hear that the water isn't all washing away, but is refilling the banks of your rivers. Oliver is precious. I have a great nephew in Houston named Oliver.

Arti said...

Very cute and beautiful grandson you have. Thanks for sharing the precious photos.

Allison said...

I know some areas in the Midwest are being flooded and negatively effected by all this rain. Good to hear the rain is doing well for you!

Melinda Ott said...

Your grandson is adorable!

I think we're technically in a drought as well, but we still get a fair amount of rain (apparently just not enough....)

diane said...

Sweet baby!