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Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Ladies of Fox News - Gretchen Carlson, Dana Perino and Kimberly Guilfoyle - Book Reviews

Whether you're a fan of Fox News or not, you have to admire the ladies who bring us the news on that network. These ladies are smart and they bring a wide variety of experience to their jobs.

Three of the leading ladies of the news have memoirs currently out and they are each fascinating.  Here is a little more about each -

About The Book:

Celebrity news anchorwoman Gretchen Carlson shares her inspiring story and offers important takeaways for women (and men) about what it means to strive for and find success in the real world. With warmth and wit, she takes readers from her Minnesota childhood, where she became a violin prodigy, through college at Stanford and her in-the-trenches years as a cub reporter on local television stations before becoming a national news reporter. She describes her rise to anchor of The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson on FOX News channel as a testament to personal strength and perseverance.

Carlson addresses the intense competitive effort of winning the Miss America Pageant, the challenges she’s faced as a woman in broadcast television, and how she manages to balance work and family as the wife of high-profile sports agent Casey Close and devoted mother to their two children. An unceasing advocate for respect and equality for women, Carlson writes openly about her own struggles with body image, pageant stereotypes, building her career, and having the courage to speak her mind. She encourages women to strive for their goals, never give up, and always believe in themselves.

In Getting Real, Carlson emerges as a living example of a woman not afraid to chase her dreams and embrace life fully.
My Thoughts:
"Getting Real" is an interesting look into Gretchen Carlson's life - from her Minnesota childhood, to her days as Miss America, to her start in the news media. She had a rough time when she first started out as an anchor-woman, but she kept the course and rose in the ranks of the ladies at Fox to become one of their leading ladies of news.  I enjoy her positive outlook on life and her dedication to family. 

About The Book:

From her years as the presidential press secretary to her debates with colleagues on Fox News' The Five, Dana Perino reveals the lessons she's learned that have guided her through life, kept her level-headed, and led to her success, even in the face of adversity.

Thoughtful, inspiring, and often surprising, AND THE GOOD NEWS IS . . . traces Dana Perino's unlikely journey through politics and television. It's a remarkable American story-made up of equal parts determination and clear-eyed optimism. From facing professional challenges and confronting personal fears to stepping up to a podium for a President, Dana has come to expect the unexpected and has an uncanny ability to find the good news in any tough situation.  AND THE GOOD NEWS IS . . . takes us from her Western childhood in Wyoming and Colorado to a chance meeting on an airplane that changes her life entirely. Then, with refreshing honesty and humor, she recounts her frustration with a string of unsatisfying jobs and living circumstances until a key career tip leads her back to Washington, D.C. to work for the Bush Administration.
Dana also shares here her best work and life lessons-tips that will help you to get your point across convincingly while allowing your own grace and personality to shine through. As someone who still believes in working together to solve the problems our nation faces, Dana offers clear, practical advice on how to restore civility to our personal and public conversations. The result is a fascinating read that can help anyone become more successful, productive, and joyously content.

My Thoughts:

The elegant and intelligent Dana Perino is always the class act in any aspect of her job at Fox News - who knew she had grown up as a little cowgirl in Wyoming!  I really enjoyed reading of Dana's journey from Wyoming to the White House - she writes with attention to detail while keeping the story light and lively.  She's a great storyteller and a great journalist to boot. 

About The Book:

After an eleven-year-old Kimberly Guilfoyle lost her mother to leukemia, her dad wanted her to become as resilient and self-empowered as she could be. He wisely taught her to build a solid case for the things she wanted. Creating a strong logical argument was the best way to ensure she could always meet her needs. That childhood lesson led her to become the fearless advocate and quick-thinking spitfire she is today. In Making the Case, Guilfoyle interweaves stories and anecdotes from her life and career with practical advice that can help you win arguments, get what you want, help others along the way, and come out ahead in any situation. Learning how to state your case effectively is not just important for lawyers—it's something every person should know how to do, no matter what stage of life they are in. From landing her dream job right out of school, switching careers seamlessly midstream, and managing personal finances for greater growth and stability to divorcing amicably and teaching her young child to advocate for himself, Guilfoyle has been there and done it. Now she shares those stories, showing you how to organize your thoughts and plans, have meaningful discussions with the people around you, and achieve your goals in all aspects of your life. You'll also learn the tips and strategies that make the best advocates so successful, some of which come directly from courtroom scenarios where the stakes are highest. Told in her winning and humorous voice, Guilfoyle's experiences and the wisdom drawn from them are a ready guide to help you reach your potential and live a fulfilling and happy life at work and at home.

My Thoughts:

I've always thought of Kimberly Guilfoyle as the "tough gal" of the Fox News ladies - she is plain-spoken and stands up for what she believes in. As an attorney, she breaks down the most complicated cases in layman's terms that everyone can understand. Plus she keeps Greg Gutfield under control on "The Five!"  With her new book, "Making The Case," I enjoyed reading about her background and appreciated the advice she shares with how to be as successful as you want to be.  She has achieved great success in her life, and it's an amazing journey to read about.

I purchased these books for my personal collection. I was not compensated for my opinions.

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