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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Signs In Life: Finding Direction in Our Travels With God by Deanna Nowadnick - Book Review

Signs in Life: Finding Direction in Our Travels with God

About The Book:

SIGNS IN LIFE begins with a late night encounter with law enforcement. In the harsh glare of a flashlight, author DEANNA NOWADNICK learns the consequences of speeding through a stop sign. Other incidents follow. All are linked to the divine signs she's encountered in that bigger journey through life.

Join Deanna as she shares humorous anecdotes and inspirational lessons from her travels with God. See the signs in life. She might be speeding through a stop sign--yet again!--while you're carefully navigating a busy street, but together we're all part of a bigger journey, a greater purpose. We're all part of God's great story.

My Thoughts:

Signs, Signs, everywhere there's signs ... or so the song goes. But do we always pay close attention to the signs in our lives?  Author Deanna Nowadnick shares how she missed some pretty big signs in her life, and how, with God's help, you can avoid the pitfalls that she went through as she re-read the signs.

"Signs In Life" is a well-thought out collection of stories from Deanna's life in which she shares personal stories while interweaving spiritual lessons garnered through her relationship with God.  At the end of each chapter, there is a "Rest Stop" where Deanna poses a few questions that will help the reader delve further into the lesson and hopefully chart their own journeys without missing the important signs.

"Signs In Life" makes for a great personal devotional and study book, but it would also be a great small group study as well. 

About The Author:

Deanna Nowadnick is a native of the Pacific Northwest. When not writing, she serves at the Client Service Coordinator for The Planner's Edge, an investment advisory firm in Washington State.

Deanna is active in her church, playing the violin and editing the newsletter. She loves to knit, adores chocolate, and most important, enjoys a blessed marriage to Kurt. She's also the proud mother of two adult sons. Her first book, Fruit of My Spirit, began as a short story for Kyle and Kevin about how she met their father. It quickly became a much larger story about God's love and faithfulness.

Deanna has just finished her second book: Signs in Life: Finding Direction in Our Travels with God.

I received a review copy of this book from the author. I was not compensated for my opinion.

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1 comment:

Deanna Nowadnick said...

Sharon, thank you! I appreciate your time and review. Yes, signs are everywhere. I do hope the signs in my life might help readers see the signs in their life. And if and when we miss the signs, I love knowing we have a God Who directs and redirects. Again--my thanks. Blessings this day!