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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Book Spotlight - The Loves of Ruby Dee by Curtiss Ann Matlock

This has been a wild and crazy week with Thanksgiving coming up, but if you need to take a break, get yourself to a quiet place and enjoy a wonderful book by one of my favorite Southern authors, Curtiss Ann Matlock.

Curtiss Ann's writing is so warm and wonderful, and her stories are filled with romance with just the right amount of adventure and with a gentle touch of humor!  (Yes, I'm partial - Not only is she a great writer, she is a treasured friend as well.)

Give "The Loves of Ruby Dee" a read - you'll be so glad you did!

About The Book:

Her books are wise and wonderful. I loved it!”~ Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Three men love her…but only one man can win her.
Ruby Dee D’Angelo came blowing up the dusty ranch road and into the lives and hearts of the Starr men: the failing but intractable patriarch, Hardy Starr; the youngest son, Lonnie Starr, lost in a mad whirl of rodeo and loose women; and Will Starr, eldest son holding everything together and seething with unfulfilled dreams.
When the dust settled and Will Starr got a good look at her standing beside her yellow convertible, he knew he had made one giant-sized mistake. The woman was way too young and beautiful--and too much of a woman—to be stuck out on an isolated high plains ranch with three untamed Western men. She was certainly no match for his irascible father. Will attempts to send her packing, but Ruby Dee is not a woman easily daunted. Her life has been filled with trouble, and she believes in getting through, not backing down.
As each man is touched and healed by Ruby Dee’s loving and encouraging spirit, it is Ruby Dee herself who will be healed—as she touches their souls and changes their lives forever.
In a story filled with memorable characters, touching wit, humor, and drama, Curtiss Ann Matlock takes us back to the heart of rural Oklahoma of the 1980s and into the heart and soul of a remarkable woman, and the men—and friends and neighbors—whose lives she changes for the better. This is Matlock at her very best.
“A wonderful antidote to glitz romance. Ruby Dee is so sweet, so loving, so wise, that you know she’ll get it right in the end, and you stay with her all the way to make sure she does.” —Detroit Free Press
About The Author:

Curtiss Ann Matlock is a the author of thirty-three novels, including the tender and funny Valentine series. Her books have earned rave reviews, spots on the USA TODAY bestseller list and numerous awards.

Told with a strong Southern voice, her insightful stories portray the uncommon valor of everyday people and the humor, heartbreak, and shining graces of small-town life.
Born in North Carolina, Curtiss Ann lived many years in Oklahoma; she now resides with her family near Mobile, Alabama. You can find out more about her and her work at CurtissAnnMatlock.com.
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