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Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Blue Jeans Gospel: Experiencing A Real and Comfortable Relationship With Jesus by Rob and Debra Cruver

The Blue Jeans Gospel: Experiencing a Real and Comfortable Relationship with Jesus

About The Book:

Are you ready to view faith and Christianity in the same way you would your favorite pair of jeans?

Comfort is essential and so is joy. In The Blue Jeans Gospel, author Rob Cruver cuts through misunderstandings and complicated rules and practices of modern Christianity by focusing on its core message of loving, living, and serving others. In this inspiring book, Cruver invites you to love, live, and serve as Jesus did.

Through scripture and personal stories, Rob Cruver shows us how to develop a comfortable relationship with Jesus. He teaches us about love and how we should live rationally, with forgiveness and humility. He also encourages us to do this even when the blue jeans aren't necessarily that comfortable. The author's straightforward message of compassion and understanding is both refreshing and uplifting.

My Thoughts:

This book had been in my To-Be-Read stack for a while.  I would take a peek at it, and then put is aside for another day.  Then one day, I dived into it, and oh my, I'm so sad that I didn't devour it weeks ago! 

Pastor Rob Cruver presents a unique approach to having a close and real relationship with Jesus and God in this fantastic book.  He compares how we should look to Jesus as someone we can be comfortable with, someone we can have a real friendship with, someone as familiar as a favorite pair of blue jeans.  And Pastor Cruver goes on to share how looking at God as our Father, as someone we can turn to in times of sadness and of joy, as a real "father" figure in our lives, the ultimate Father in our lives.

Written in a easy, comfortable style, Pastor Cruver uses personal stories to get his points across with a generous helping of Scripture to boost his views along the way.  It is rare to find a book that so completely captures your attention as this one has captured mine.

This book would be perfect for new Christians, young Christians, and anyone who is looking for a new and wonderful friendship and relationship with our Lord and Savior!  I'm so glad I went back and retrieved this book - it will be one I refer back to time and time again!

I think Pastor Cruver perfectly sums up "The Blue Jean Gospel" with this quote from his epilogue:

"Each day is a fresh opportunity to listen and to respond to the Lord and to love, live and serve His glory. All around us are people who desperately need to know love, hear truth, and find hope. They are watching and listening and waiting. It's time to live real, put on those jeans, and reach up and reach out!"

About The Author:

Rob Cruver is lead pastor of Zarephath Christian Church in Somerset, New Jersey. He is chancellor of Pillar College and executive director of Urban Impact, an outreach to inner-city youth and their families. Rob holds graduate degrees in science, theology, and leadership and enjoys most things athletic, eating pizza, and wearing blue jeans. He and his wife, Debra, have two children and reside in Bound Brook, New Jersey. Check out his website at www.robcruver.com.

Debra Cruver

Also, check out his wife Deb Cruver's website, "Honeybees and Daisies" (www.honeybeesanddaisies.com) - such a cute and meaningful site!

My thanks to River Grove Books and NetGalley for providing the review copy of this book. I was not compensated for my opinion.

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