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Friday, January 29, 2016

Guest Post - Texas Author Jodi Thomas

I'm thrilled today to host Texas author Jodi Thomas!  Jodi's latest book, "Rustler's Moon," has just been released to great anticipation and acclaim!  I so appreciate her stopping by to tell readers more about her books and the writing process!

When I began writing RUSTLER’S MOON, I wanted to tell a story of love and mystery, of trusting someone even when you don’t know all about them.  Angela Harold was a woman running for her life after her father died.  She wants to move to this small town in Texas and vanish from all who knew her, only she didn’t count of bumping into Wilkes Wagner.  They might have nothing in common, but sparks fly from the first.   Wilkes considered his life an open book while Angela is afraid to let anyone really know her.
One thing I love about writing a series is that characters can play small parts in one book and major parts in another.  The reader gets to watch a character learn and grow.  As the series continues, the people of Crossroads, Texas will seem like old friends dropping by to visit.
Maybe I like this so much because I’ve grown up in the same town I live in now.  I love knowing the histories of whole families and knowing that there are people who care about me just because they knew my father or worked with my uncle, or went to school with my brother. I know there are great advantages of having lived all over the world, but there is a peace too in being in a small town.
In ranching a rustler’s moon is a sliver of moonlit night were rustlers can see to steal cattle, but it’s too dark to see the outlaws well enough to identify them.  It’s also thought that a cowboy can still his sweetheart’s heart beneath a rustler’s moon.  My story circles through the shadows between the lives of the characters as they learn who to trust, who to believe, and who to love.  This one will keep you reading long into the night and who knows, you might finally fall asleep beneath a RUSTLER’S MOON.
Jodi Thomas

My thanks to Jodi for dropping by!  Watch for my review of "Rustler's Moon" coming soon!

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Linda Broday said...

I loved this book! Wilkes Wagner can put his boots under my bed anytime! He's so afraid of getting hurt again that even though he's drawn to Angie, he can't say what's in his heart. And the cast of Crossroads can fill the pages of any book--fiction or real. In fact, often it's hard to wrap my head around the reality that they're only fiction.

Great story, great writing! You won't go wrong with this book.