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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Guest Author Post - Jodi Thomas, author of "Lone Heart Pass"

It is always a pleasure to host Texas author Jodi Thomas here at the blog, and today she is here to talk about her latest book, "Lone Heart Pass: A Ransom Canyon Romance." 
Some books come into my mind fast, at full gallop.  LONE HEART PASS was like that and I loved writing it.  Many nights I was up later than planned because I wanted to see what happened next.
I opened the story with two people.  Jubalee’s world is crashing down so she goes to the only place she’s ever felt safe—a tiny ranch near Crossroads, Texas. 
Charley thinks he’s messed up his life and is struggling to get it right for once.  He’s broke, she’s desperate to make this last chance work, so they agree on a partnership that might just save them both. Only, goals never come easy.  He’s trying to raise a daughter alone and she has a sister who runs away from her marriage.  Charley’s big heart makes him stand up for a homeless boy in danger as Jubalee and Charley’s love begins to grow.
By the way, readers are going to fall in love with the kid, Thatcher Jones, also.  He’s 14 and hunts rattlers to earn his lunch money. 
This story is filled with a forever love story, danger, and lots of laughs as people scarred by life form a family.
Ride along with me to LONE HEART PASS, where the moon shines over the opening in the pass only at midnight and the legend is, if you wish hard enough, your true desire will come true.
Jodi Thomas
My thanks to Jodi for stopping by, especially on a busy publication day!  Many good wishes on another bestseller!

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