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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Flock of Sparrows by Helen Foster Reed - Book Review

It is with joy and oh, so much love, that I present to you today a review of what is easily the best book I've read so far this year! 

About The Book:

Five widows and the storm of the century…

Just in time to wreak havoc for Thanksgiving, a monster storm from the Arctic blasts south freezing much of the United States. In East Texas, dire weather warnings brings together a unique group of women, all struggling with new and older grief, as well as a host of life issues.

Retta—determinedly fighting to keep her ancestral farm going, while nature, her children, and time were showing her that a need for change was inevitable.

Maggie—Retta’s lifelong friend, whose multiple marriages and lust for life constantly leaves her the talk of the community.

Sybil—after single-handedly dragging her family out of poverty to become one of her church’s most respected women, she finds herself facing the biggest challenge of her life.

Dana—a promising musical career took an unexpected turn when she fell for a tough soldier. But one too many deployments took its toll on their happiness and, now, her future.

Carly—a girl from the wrong side of town, she married a man old enough to be her father, which turned her into the richest woman around. But is she the gold-digger many believe her to be?

In the end, only part of the drama is outdoors. Hour by hour emotional and psychological upheaval grows, as secrets are revealed, until all are forced to understand that sometimes friendship and love needs to be risked in order to reach life’s richest plateaus.

My Thoughts:

Three renown authors, each a master writer in her own right, have joined together to bring the reading world a heart-wrenchingly beautiful novel of love, loss, adversity and friendship.
“A Flock of Sparrows” by Helen Foster Reed (Helen R. Myers, M. June Foster, and M. Gail Reed) is the story of five widows who are caught in an extended ice storm on an East Texas farm, and how they spend the next few days learning how to get along, how each other’s story might be different than first thought, and how very valuable friendship is and how very delicate a dance it is to find the right rhythm of those relationships.
This is one of those books that will remain in your memories long after the final page is turned, and I highly recommend this novel for anyone who enjoys contemporary literary fiction.

About The Authors:

Helen R. Myers

Helen R. Myers is the author of fifty-one suspense and romance titles. A USA Today bestselling and award-winning writer, she is published in 28 countries and 23 languages. Also a poet, she won an honorable mention in WRITER’S DIGEST’S yearly writing contest. In 2006, Robert, her husband of 31 years, died suddenly, but writing and rescuing abandoned and abused dogs has helped her to always look to tomorrow.

Madeleine June Foster

M. June Foster was born in Louisiana and later moved to Texas, where she met her husband and reared a family. She has a Master’s degree in Education and certification in counseling. Shortly after her retirement, her husband Wayne died. Within a year, her children accepted career advances and the entire family relocated to North Carolina. The loss of her husband set June on a path to focus on faith, family, and friends. Her purpose-driven future includes her desire to continue healing and sharing her emotional journey through daily reflection and determination.

Mary Gail Reed

M. Gail Reed’s goal to write took a serpentine path by way of raising four children and traveling extensively in her years with the USDA, and as an auditor for a Fortune 500 company. Continually honing her craft as a writer, she has had short stories published in a university press, as well as articles in a regional newspaper. In 2008, Gail was commissioned as a Stephen Minister, training to provide quality, one-on-one faith-based care to people enduring loss. In 2011, she suffered her own heartbreak when her husband, Mike, died unexpectedly. Gail continues to live in the same community, surrounded by the love of her family, good friends, and Max, a rescued Labrador retriever. She and Helen are currently working on their next mainstream novel.

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My thanks to the authors for providing the review copy of this book. I was not compensated for my opinion.

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